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We are Edgar and Song - two friends presenting our style of timepieces to the watch community through "Constellar". You may know Edgar for his crack-like watch photography chops that bring our watches to life on our website, and Song as the 6.5-inch "hand" that showcases the beauty of the timepieces on the wrist. 

In 2018, we first launched our watch brand. We had no technical experience in the industry, no funds, and no industry contacts to consult through this process, leading to numerous failed campaigns over the years.​ Despite the many setbacks along the way, we persevered and remained steadfast in our commitment to bring our vision to life - creating timepieces that truly spoke to us. We have gained invaluable experience over the years, and made many friends in the industry who were willing to share their tips for success, and we are eager to put that knowledge into action with this big launch. Our goal is to one day present our timepieces to customers personally and forge meaningful connections that go beyond the world of horology.